Tepic: ‘At Poštanska Štedionica you either vote for Vucic or you get fired’

“The employees of the Postal Savings Bank (Banka Poštanska Štedionica) are collecting votes for the Serbian Progressive Party and Aleksandar Vulin’s Socialist Party and are obliged to provide 40 safe votes each; those who refuse to do so risk being fired,” says the vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Marinika Tepic.

Tepic has reported that Natasa Markovic, a member of the board of the Postal Savings Bank, is in charge of compiling a list with secured votes that have been secured and gives them to the brother of the Serbian President, Andrej Vucic.

The way this works is the following – at the top of the pyramid is the chairman of the bank’s board, Bojan Kekic, who receives instructions from Zvonko Veselinovic and Andrej Vucic on what is to be done. Kekic also engages members of the Executive Committee to collect votes, namely Natasa Markovic, wife of Drasko Markovic, one of Telekom’s directors, Nenad Ralevic, otherwise a friend of Darko Saric (a prominent gang member), and Aleksandar Cortan (member of Poštanska Štedionica’s Board). They expand the network through Gojko Radisavljevic, director of the branch, Milos Ralevic, assistant director of the corporate network, Dejan Popovic, director of the Belgrade Regional Centre.

“The three of them visit the branches in Belgrade and share the lists with other directors and branch managers”, Tepic continues, citing the testimony of the workers of the Postal Savings Bank. According to her, the employees complained that they are obliged to bring 20 to 40 safe votes and if they do not do so, they are threatened with sanctions.

“According to the same principle, those capillary votes are returned; Dejan Popovic and Nenad Ralevic give them to the secretaries who enter them electronically into Excel tables, which they then send to Bojan Kekic. Kekic then organises the calls and verifies whether the people on the list have indeed signed on and thus provided support for the ruling party. When it is determined that the information in the lists is authentic, Kekić takes the lists to Andrej Vucic,” reads the statement of one of the employees handed over to Tepic.

(Nova, 20.09.2021)





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