Teodorović:”Vučić is not to blame, we are, for putting up with humiliation for 12 years”

The elections scheduled for June 2 in Belgrade are false and voters should be told that not to participate in them, says academician Dušan Teodorović.

Speaking about the upcoming elections and another meeting between the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ana Brnabić, and opposition parties, Teodorović said that holding such a meeting is humiliating.

“We are a European country. It’s 2024 and what are we negotiating about? Not lying in public appearances? Having equal media coverage on state television? Not sending people door to door to count the number of voters at that particular address? This is an insult to human dignity”, said the academician.

He went on to say that Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party are ruining Serbia and its citizens. He believes that Vučić’s regime is “absolutely invincible” in the current environment.

“This is a well-oiled machine and the President feels no shame in behaving the way he does. For me. participating in such elections is a matter of dignity and I refuse to participate in fraudulent elections”, remarked Teodorovic.

Asked about the possibility of fighting against the government, Teodorović points out that it is all in the hands of the people, not Vučić.

“We have agreed to be humiliated for 12 years. I’m convinced that the only way the fight and engage in all forms of civil protest,” concluded Teodorović.

Commenting on the announcement by the President of Serbia that the luxury brand Louis Vuitton will come to Serbia in 2026, Teodorović reminded us that speaking about the arrival of a luxury brand is redundant when so many towns in Serbia don’t have sewage, like the municipality of Borča in Belgrade.

“If I were a candidate for Belgrade mayor, I would make sure that school children in Belgrade have free meals. Many countries in the world also provide free textbooks for children. I am confident there is enough money in the budget for these things”, Teodorović noted.

(N1, 10.04.2024)


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