Teodorovic: We have failed to find real strategy to bring Vucic’s regime down

Academic Dusan Teodorovic said that the entire opposition, from political parties and movements to people protesting in the streets, have failed to find the right strategy for bringing down the regime of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

In a political TV show “The Impression of the Week” (“Utisak Nedelje”), Teodorovic also said that Vucic was “a difficult opponent” and that his regime was “rife with immorality”.

He added that he would not like to predict what would happen to the current #1in5 million protests, but did say that the opposition had a chance to take the protests to the next level in January but failed to do so.

“I believe in the idea that winning and destroying the regime of Aleksandar Vucic is possible,” said Teodorovic, adding that the protests played a significant role in this.

Teodorovic went on to elaborate what he meant by “taking the protests to the next level”. He said that the next level implied civil disobedience and blocking motorways particularly in the light of a traffic accident in which one woman was killed and which was caused by the vehicle used by the then director of the Corridors of Serbia Company and the official of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Zoran Babic.

Teodorovic also said that “it seems to us that the situation that we are in today is the same as the one in January 1993” and that all these years “the same story is being told over and over again”.

Teodorovic stated that it was time for senior politicians to withdraw and create space for younger people.

(N1, 12.05.2019)





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