Tender for sale of Port of Novi Sad to be launched in September

The tender for the privatization of the Port of Novi Sad, the only remaining port in which the state authorities have a majority stake, should be launched in September. Some of the biggest port management companies in the world have expressed their interest in acquiring the port – the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure told Tanjug.

“We are completing the activities on assessing what constitutes the property of the Port of Novi Sad. In order for the privatization to be carried out, the port land and infrastructure, which will remain in the ownership of the Republic of Serbia, need to be taken out of the sale, which means that the object of the privatization will be the port’s business and it suprastructure – cranes, buildings, warehouses and similar facilities”, an assistant minister, in charge of water transport, Veljko Kovacevic has said.

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He added that the expected that the new owner invested at least 15 million euro in the development of the port, namely the construction of a new wharf, a new silo and the machinery.

“This will expedite the port’s operations, as it currently reloads around a million tones of goods a year, and its capacities exceed 2.5 million tonnes. The obsolete machinery, the inefficiency and the tardiness of the port are what jeopardize its market position at the moment. Both the privatization and the new investment capital should enable a quicker development of the port”, Kovacevic notes.

He adds that the procedure taking out some of the port’s assets out of the tendering process and transferring the ownership over them to the Republic of Serbia’s authorities is completed and that the privatization documentation is currently being drafted.

“We expect the tender, that is, the selection of the port operator to be launched in September. Some of the most reputable companies in the port management business have expressed a strong interest in acquiring the Port of Novi Sad”, he says.

According to Kovacevic, these companies include Dubai Port World from the United Arab Emirates, Germany’s Rhenus and the American Valona Group. Also, several other well-known companies have already sent letters of intent. 

(021.rs, 26.08.2018)








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