Temperature in Fiat Plastik’s factory almost 30 degrees Celsius – workers fainting

Workers at Fiat Plastik’s factory in Kragujevac will stop production today if the air temperature in the production halls reaches 30 or more degrees Celsius, and will ask the employer to pay them full per diems.

The president of the company’s trade union, Zoran Miljković, told the Beta news agency that the top management of Fiat was again informed about the high temperature in the production hall and that the employees will act in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Law.

Miljković also said that the temperatures in the production hall of the sister company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA), are also high, and the working conditions in the Karoserija division are especially difficult.

 According to Miljković, several workers fainted due to harsh working conditions.

 “Even the machines at the FCA production hall automatically switch off by themselves at high temperatures, so the workers have to wait for the machinery to switch back on to continue working,” said Miljković.

Fiat Plastik’s Independent Trade Union and the Strike Committee have said that “on July 19, the employer gave an illegal annexe to the contract on changing jobs for several workers with retroactive validity.”

The Fiat Plastik workers went on strike in late February, protesting against reduced salaries and various violations of the Labour Law. The trade union says that there is no progress in the negotiations with the employer.

(021.rs, 25.07.2021)


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