Telenor will not penalize those customers who want to change mobile phone company

Following the information that has been circulating social media according to which the mobile telephony operator, Telenor, will confiscate the phone numbers of users who request termination of their contracts with the company, as a result of the mobile operator hiking up its prices by 6.9% as of 9 December, Telenor has denied these allegations.

Telenor has further said that, following the termination of the contract, the user has the right to keep the same phone number, transfer it to another prepaid network, as well as to buy a different mobile phone, writes

Furthermore, the Serbian National Consumer Organisation states that the fundamental right of consumers is to terminate the contract without any contractual penalty and that there should be no conditions in this case. Telenor states that consumers’ rights will be guaranteed in the process.

The company has recently informed its customers via a text message about the price increase, which, as stated on the company’s official website, is justified by the rising operating costs.  Those who do not agree with the new prices, according to Article 107 of the Electronic Communications Act, are allowed to withdraw from the contract without paying a penalty by 8 December, the notification reads.

At the same time, however, alleged information started circulating on social media about various pressures on consumers to stay with the company despite the price hike. Seizure and cancellation of the phone number in case of termination of the contract, cancellation of number portability with another operator or payment of the full value of the mobile phone purchased under the contract, even if obtained on the basis of a bank loan, are some “warnings” that have been posted on Twitter and Facebook.

(N1, 14.11.2021)


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