Telenor plans to invest over 100mln euro in Serbia this year

The new CEO of Telenor Serbia, Mike Michel has announced that the company planned to invest over 100 million euro in Serbia economy through direct investments in telecommunications infrastructure, improvements of mobile phone internet, development of digital technologies, salary hikes and other contributions.

“Telenor’s investments will be oriented toward satisfying user demand. Over 50% of infrastructural investments will go toward the development of our network’s capacities, the internet and other services, as well as in innovations”, he said in an interview with Beta.

He also pointed out that 2018 was a good year for Telenor Serbia. In the past three quarters, the company has grown faster than the competition and the number of users is 3% higher compared to the same period in 2017.

“We are the leader when it comes to income, while our ambition to continue being the leader remains strong”, Michel added.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the fact that, according to RATEL’s independent assessment of the quality of mobile networks in Serbia in 2018, Telenor Serbia had the highest total score in all categories: the best 3G and 4G network, the best web browsing experience and the best customer service.

“We are satisfied with the results, but it is important for us to continue providing the best possible service to our users, without making any compromises when it comes to quality. We offer not just megabytes, but a large number of services and a rich web content as well”, Michel said.

The CEO of Telenor Serbia went on to say that Serbia “undoubtedly has a good business climate” and that “Telenor does a lot to promote Serbia as a good investment destination”. According to him, the business environment is getting better, but he believes there is still room for improvement and points out that Telenor will always support predictability in business, transparency and the principles of fair play.

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Michel believes that Telenor, in cooperation with the Serbian government, and other market stakeholders can contribute to the development of digitization in the country, which has become a priority in nearly all areas/

“Telenor tested the 5G network in Serbia back in 2016. The readiness is there, but the commercial and regulatory aspects need to improve before it is implemented”, Michel said.

He added that Telenor Serbia, which currently employs over 900 people, planned to increase the number of employees, due to the expected growth of Serbia’s economy and the retail market itself, but added that it was still early to specify the number of new employees.

Furthermore, Michel expressed his satisfaction with the way Telenor Serbia, but also the Telenor Foundation, approach social responsibility.

The Foundation, he added, has implemented more than 200 projects with over 300 partners. This year, the Foundation will focus on implementing the project titled “Safe Internet for the Whole Family”, which is being realized together with UNICEF.

The project goal is to educate 100,000 parents and 2,000 teachers in order to prepare them to support children’s development in the digital age.

To remind, in mid-2018, the Czech PPF became the owner acquired Telenor’s operations in Central and Eastern Europe for 2.8 billion euro. Their TC portfolio now includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.

PPF manages assets worth 38 billion euro in 22 countries on three continents.

(Seebiz, 04.01.2019)


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