Telekom Serbia to pay EUR 24mln for broadcasting rights to Serie A football matches

Telekom Serbia’s Arena will pay 24 million euros per season for broadcasting rights to the first Italian football league for the Balkans for the next period, which is more expensive than the price paid by Belgium, but also Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Serie A clubs signed in Milan, on Monday, December 18, new broadcast contracts covering rights to broadcast top-tier Italian football matches in several European countries for the following 2024-25 season.

Portal Sportcal learns that contracts have been signed for covering broadcasting contracts in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Balkans.

The next international media rights cycle for Serie A begins with the 2024-25 season, and over the last few months, the league has steadily been going to different overseas markets with tenders.

The bids from the incumbent rightsholders through 2029 are worth at least  EUR 4.5 billion in total, equating to  EUR 900 million per season. This is a small drop from the current fees paid by Sky and DAZN, however, which come to  EUR 930 million annually.

(, 21.12.2023)

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