Telekom Serbia sells its towers and passive assets to Actis

Through its company Sky Towers Infrastructure, Telekom Serbia has sold its telecommunication towers and passive assets to Actis for 420 million euros plus another 80 million euros that should be paid to Telekom if Sky Towers reaches its financial goals under the new owners.

The deal includes about 1,800 macro towers, of which 1,000 are in Serbia,700 in Bosnia and around 100 in Montenegro.

In its press release, Actis says the following:” The towers market in the CEE and Western Balkans region is forecast to expand significantly over the coming years, driven by the increasing consumer demand for mobile data, the rollout of new technologies such as 5G and 6G, as well as changing mobile capacity and coverage requirements. Independent tower companies have a significant role to play in efficiently investing in, improving, and mutualising passive infrastructure to support mobile growth and the overall development of local economies.

Actis is owned by Luxembourg-based ACTIS EU GP S.A R.L.

In reaction to this news, deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Marinika Tepic said in a post on the X social media platform that Telekom Serbia’s infrastructure is no longer owned by the state, but by the privately-owned Actis.

“Actis will now build a 5G network with a 70 million euro loan from Telekom, but Telekom will continue to pay interest. On top of all that, Telekom will also pay Actis rent for using the network – through (its) towers that it has now sold to Actis. Only someone in dire straits sells basic assets for their basic activity, because they have already eaten up everything else through corruption, borrowing and harmful acquisitions,” cautioned Tepic.

Back in December 2023, Tepic warned that “Telekom Serbia has “eaten up” its value to the extent that it is now planning to sell its telecom towers in the entire region. This means that Telekom “had no funds for its basic operations”.

(Danas, 25.01.2024)

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