Telekom Serbia might acquire Telekom Albania

The second biggest telecommunications operator in Albania, Telekom Albania, has been put up for sale, and the most likely purchaser is Telekom Serbia, the Blic daily learns.

Telekom Serbia has confirmed for Blic that they are interested in the purchase of Telekom Albania, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom.

“This interest proves Telekom Srbija’s intention to position itself as a regional leader in the field of telecommunications. We have submitted the bid and it is currently being considered along with the bids of other competitors, so we can’t give out any details”, Telekom Serbia says for Blic.

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According to the Albanian media, in addition to the Serbian operator, the bidders include two Bulgarian companies, Vivacom, owned by Spas Roussev, and Globul Telekom.

(Blic, 30.09.2018)


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