Telekom Serbia buys Kopernikus Technology for 200mln euro

Telekom Serbia has bought Kopernikus Technology for around 200 million euro, which is 1,000 euro per user. Kopernikus, the local internet and TV distributor, has close to 200,000 users – the Balkan Research Network – BIRN reported today.

With this acquisition, Telekom Serbia has expanded its user base by around 30% and increased its share in the TV market by 7%. From now on, the Kopernikus Technology users will have access to the latest technologies and the content provided by Telekom Serbia, and they will get 27 new TV channels as a welcome package.

Kopernikus Technology has more than 200,000 TV and internet users, operates in 60 towns throughout Serbia and provides TV, internet and landline phone services, featuring a quality infrastructure which enables the provision of the most modern services to over 300,000 households. An intensive growth of the user base by over 25% in the past two years, as well as an accelerated digitalization and establishment of the optical infrastructure, are noticeable.

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Telekom Serbia will work on providing former Kopernikus Technology users with additional TV channel content.

BIRN recalls that Kopernikus was linked to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) because its owner, Zvezdan Milovanovic, is the party’s representative in the town of Niš.

“Kopernikus’ TV channels were a sort of a TV platform for the SNS in the campaign for the 2012 elections, after which the Progressives came to power,” BIRN writes.

Namely, Telekom did not want to announce from which banks the credit for this and some future purchases on the market of cable operators and content producers, justifying a confidentiality clause.

“By acquiring Kopernikus, Telekom has now become a serious competitor to SBB, the largest cable operator in Serbia and the region. SBB recently changed its ownership when KKR Group sold its majority share in the company to an investment fund from England for about $2.6 billion,” BIRN reported.

BIRN also reports that that was Telekom Serbia’s biggest acquisition ever since the purchase of the Republika Srpska Telekom in the autumn of 2006 for over $600 million. Telekom Serbia has refused to divulge which bank provided financial backing for the acquisition of Kopernikus.

(, Beta, 05.11.2018)


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