Technology park NTP Niš to be opened soon

The construction of the Science-Technology Park Niš (STP Nis), which began in November 2018, is finished.

A total of EUR 12.5 million has been spent on construction works and equipment for STP Niš, says the Park’s director, Milan Randjelovic, and adds that the tenants of the STP Niš are expected to move in this July. The building spans a total of 14,000 square metres.

The Serbian government has funded the construction through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, whereas the project was managed by the Office for Public Investments of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The funds were provided by the loan of the European Investment Bank, and the City of Niš gave the administrative support and financed the construction of the required infrastructure and the upgrade of the existing one with its own funds of over a million euros.

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Some of the companies that will take up residence in the Park are the Research-Development Centre Sentronis, which develops and produces high-tech instruments for the measurement of magnetic fields and electric currents, and which is known for having produced the best 3D Teslameter in the world, as well as VERIEST and VTOOL, which design and develop chips.

“From the world of gaming, there’s Webelix, which is supported by Google through its accelerator programme as one of the 10 companies from Europe, and the gaming studio Sozap, which game Armed Heist has over 10 million active players worldwide. One of the projects that is to be developed at the STP Nis is RoboShepherd – a prototype of a shepherd robot which will be able to take out the cattle for grazing instead of a human shepherd. This innovative project is the result of the cooperation of the company Comin-Computer Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Nis,”Randjelovic says.

The members of the STP Nis located on the first floor are also startups from various fields with huge potential.

“There are startups like innSona, which develops audio processing technologies based on AI methods, Hola Systems, which develops interactive devices and smart systems, and CarSync, which is already testing its platform for the sharing and improved use of vehicles at Silicon Valley.

The gaming part consists of ITC Studio, which generally develops VR multimedia content, with focus on VR games, more precisely, sports simulations, and the young team ServerBytes, whose platform, with unlimited functionality, aims to make things easier for game developers. Their product can simply be described as WordPress for the development of video games,” Randjelovic adds.

(B92, 09.06.2020)

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