Teachers and the Ministry reach an agreement on amendments to Criminal Code

The draft law amending the Criminal Code of Serbia, which refers to physical and verbal attacks on teachers and teaching staff, was presented on Wednesday, following which the trade union agreed with the proposed changes, the Ministry of Education has confirmed.

The details of the amendments were not specified in the press release. Earlier, educators demanded stricter punishments for attacks on teachers, i.e. amendments to the Criminal Code that would penalize attacks on teachers as a separate criminal offence.

The Ministry stated that it was agreed at the meeting that Prime Minister Miloš Vučević would also meet with union representatives next month.

In mid-May, representatives of several trade unions from the Serbian educational sector protested because of frequent instances of violence in schools.

During the protests, which took place in front of the Government building, the protest organizers cited individual cases of violence in schools in the past two years, claiming that most of the attackers were not sanctioned at all.

(Vreme.com, 29.05.2025)


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