Teachers and medical workers to have higher salaries as of 1st January

As of next year, the basic salary of a specialist doctor will be 118,800 dinars and that of a novice teacher 68,480 dinars.

People working in health care, social services and the army will receive an 8% salary increase, while other civil servants will get a 7% increase from 1 January 2022.

This is what is foreseen by the 2022 budget, which will be presented to the Serbian government ministers today, announced Finance Minister Siniša Mali, adding that the increase in salaries will be financed from real sources because the economic growth is expected to be 4.5%.

As of 1st January next year, the average salary of civil servants in the state administration will be 84,135 dinars and in the local administration 64,908 dinars.

Representatives of the Fiscal Council say that the good news is that there is enough fiscal room for a solid salary increase in 2022. However, this independent body estimates that it is an economically good measure to increase wages in the public sector by about 6%, because that percentage would not undermine the stability of public finances and would allow for an increase in the number of civil servants by about 1% (currently there are serious shortages of workers in some parts of the public sector).

According to the data collated by the State Statistics Office, the average salary in Serbia in August this year was 64,639 dinars, while in the public sector it was 72,113 dinars. Workers in public enterprises earned an average of 82,823 dinars and those in local public service enterprises, about 63,000 dinars.

(Politika, 02.11.2021)



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