Taxi drivers end their protest in Belgrade city centre

Taxi drivers, who blocked the main road in central Belgrade demanding that the city’s Communal Police step up its efforts to stop what they say is unfair competition, ended the protest after meeting the Mayor Zoran Radojicic who promised to “come out with ideas on their demand until Friday or next Monday.

The taxi drivers assembled in the SITAB association blocked yesterday one side of the road leading from Terazije square to city hall and the Serbian parliament, allowing cars to move in the opposite direction.  

The drivers demanded that the efficiency of the communal police be increased in the fight against unfair competition in passenger transport. The blockade was over at about 20 o’clock.

This is a continuation of the protest by a group of taxi drivers who consider that city traffic inspectors are not fully implementing the relevant regulation when it comes to “unregistered drivers and unqualified CarGo drivers”.

To remind, the taxi drivers also protested in May last year, by blocking the streets of Belgrade, demanding the ban on the use of passenger transport applications such as Uber and CarGo. Back then, the Ministry of Transport promised that it would draft amendments to the Law on Road Transport, which would define in more detail the conditions for carrying out passenger transport, as regulated in the countries of the European Union.

The Ministry also said that the problem with Uber and Car:Go was twofold. On one hand, they use the services of amateur drivers who perform public transport services, and on the other, the payment model used here could be conducive to tax evasion, especially in terms of collecting payments through PayPal. In this way, the revenue is not generated in Serbia, but abroad, and the owners decide how much of the earned amount should be returned to Serbia, in order to cover the business costs.  

(N1, 03.06.2019)

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