Taxi drivers end their blockage of Belgrade after talking to Aleksandar Vucic

The protest’s Organization Committee has decided to stop daily blockage of the Belgrade central streets after meeting the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday and after apologizing to the Belgrade residents for the inconvenience they had caused in the past two weeks.

The representatives of ten taxi associations took part in the meeting. Aleksandar Bijelic, one of the representatives of the striking taxi drivers, said that “following the President’s plea, we cease the protests as of today.”

“I talked to them, I asked them for days indirectly and today directly (not to block Belgrade) and I thank them for understanding… Taxi drivers are committed to the improvement of their service… and the state is ready to offer them subsidies” Vucic said about the meeting with taxi drivers.

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“We looked into all the problems in implementing the law within the state institutions, and it is agreed that the state will strictly carry out all rules regarding the illegal transport of passengers,” Bijelic said.

However, he warned that in case the agreed was not honoured, taxi drivers would “in much larger number and more decisively demand our rights.”

He added that a good sign was that one vehicle was confiscated while they were in the meeting with Vucic.

Bijelic did not say whose vehicles it was but most probably a car belonging to the CarGo Company whose abolishment taxi drivers demanded during the protest.

Earlier in the day, Milorad Djokic, the founder and legal representatives of the Taxi Chamber of Commerce, told a news conference they founded taxi association “New Taxi – My Taxi” and called on Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to talk to them too.

He said he escaped the “taxi cartel claws,” adding “the cartel” was fighting against the competition in the market, and their “biggest enemy is CarGo.”

(Radio Free Europe, 15.10.2019)





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