Tax returns for those who earned 3.72mln dinars and more to be filed by May 15

The highest-paid people in Serbia have a little more than two months to file a tax return on the annual income earned in the last year.

Everyone who earned more than 3.72 million dinars in 2022 should file a tax return. This amount is three times the average gross salary in Serbia last year.

The deadline for submitting annual income tax returns is May 15. The established limit is the non-taxable part, and a 10 percent tax is paid on income that exceeds it. Income that exceeded 7.44 million dinars is taxed at a rate of 15 percent. This applies to citizens and residents of Serbia, taking into account the money they earned here and abroad. If the case of non-residents, only income generated in Serbia should be included in the tax return.

Last year, according to the Tax Administration, the highest amount on a personal tax return was the dinar equivalent of 18 million euros, i.e. half a million euros a month.

I 2020, tax collectors received a total of 30,290 tax returns related to personal income tax. Back then the highest amount stated in a tax return was close to 11 million euros. Traditionally, top executives, economy experts and lawyers earn the most, while the highest number of millionaires have a residence in Novi Beograd.

(Biznis i Finansije, 05.03.2023)

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