Tax Return for New Jobs, Subsidies for Hiring Disabled Workers

Small business owners and small and micro enterprises, who, as of 1st January, 2016, employ at least two new workers, are eligible for a 75% tax return – the Labour Minister, Aleksandar Vulin announced today.

“This is a government decision”, said Vulin after visiting companies Gepard d.o.o. and Gepard – Vis d.o.o. in Novi Sad.

The decision will be valid until 31st December, 2017 and it is the best indicator that the Government is doing everything in its power to help small business owners and small and micro enterprises.

“I would like to invite all small and micro enterprises, as well as all small business owners, to use the benefits that the government otherwise would not be able to provide if the fiscal consolidation measures hadn’t been implemented”, Vulin said.

In regard to employing people with disabilities, the Minister said that the state was giving substantial benefits to employers who hire disabled workers, adding that the Gepard Company was the best example how these benefits could be best put to use.

“Other employers can utilise these benefits too, but the majority of them don’t do that. There are many things that can be used if you hire a person with a disability – from various financial incentives and acquiring machinery to equipping business premises”, Vulin added.

He also underlined that there are quite a few incentives for employers hiring people with disabilities, and that prejudice is the only thing that works against them.

Director of the National Employment Office, Zoran Martinović said that the Office’s goal was to establish good relations with employers from the production sector because, this year, the projects implemented in cooperation with the production sector would get substantial funding.

With regards to employing people with disabilities, Martinović also said that, last year, 6,000 disabled people used various financial incentives and that 4,000 of them actually found jobs.

Director of Gepard, Miroslav Tanacković said that the Rapid-Vis Company became operational on 1st April, 2015, that it has 26 employees out of which 80% are people with disabilities and that the company has delivered over a million Euros worth of goods so far.

(RTV, 04.02.2016.)

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