Tax calendar, news and reminders for company owners, entrepreneurs and other taxpayers for September

Here are a few important reminders and pieces of news that company owners, company directors, finance/accounting departments and other taxpayers should be mindful of in August/September:

  1. Submission of financial statements by the end of the year

Taxpayers who have not submitted their regular annual financial statements for 2018 by the relevant deadline may do so by the end of 2019; albeit they have to pay a higher fee for the late submission of the report. The regular 2018 annual financial report can no longer be submitted to the Agency later than December 2019. Companies that register a status change, or that have launched or concluded bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against a legal entity, have a legal obligation to prepare an extraordinary financial statement, as of the day preceding the date of registration of the status change, the day of the launch or completion of bankruptcy proceedings or the launch or conclusion of the liquidation proceedings.

  1. More companies were formed but also deleted from the Business Register from the beginning of the year

In the first seven months, 27,339 companies were founded – 5,468 companies and 21,871 small businesses, or 3.2% more companies (5,296) and 0.5% fewer small businesses (21,987) compared to the same period last year.

Most companies were founded in April, when 873 companies were registered. By industry, the majority of registered companies engage in non-specialized wholesale trade, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, business and other management consultancy activities, restaurants and mobile catering facilities, road freight transport and computer programming.

The largest number of small businesses was established in June (3,704), and they are mainly engaged in software development, restaurants and mobile catering facilities, business and other management consultancy activities, hairdressing and beauty salons, beverage preparation and serving, and road freight transport.

In the first seven months, 15,492 companies were deleted from the Serbian Business Register, or 2,139 companies and 13,353 small businesses which is 38% more companies (1,548) and 2.4% more small businesses (13,043) than in the same period last year.

  1. Benchmark interest rate reduced to 2.5%

The Executive Board of the National Bank of Serbia decided to reduce the benchmark interest rate to 2.5%.

  1. Tax calendar for September 2019  
  1. Tax Administration’s communication system improved

The improved tax administration system ensures that all taxpayers can obtain the required information in a simple way, but also settle their obligations without any possibility of making an error. In addition to the Contact Centre, which is available every working day, taxpayers can also ask questions electronically, via e-mail or social networks.

  1. Ordinance on work permits  
  1. Regulation on incentives for investors that are producing audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia

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