Tax calendar, news and reminders for company owners, entrepreneurs and other taxpayers for October

Here are a few important reminders and pieces of news that company owners, company directors, finance/accounting departments and other taxpayers should be mindful of in October:

1.      Who is obligated to register their email address?

Companies, representative offices and branches of foreign companies, as well as entrepreneurs who have been entered in the Business Entities Register and have not registered this information, are obliged to report their e-mail address(es). Associations, sports societies, sports associations and sports federations, as well as endowments and foundations are under no obligation to report an email address.

In order to register their email address, businesses have to fill out the registration form of the change of data (mandatory data) and supplement no. 31.

Entrepreneurs (small business owners) also have to submit the completed registration form of the change of entrepreneur data (mandatory data) and supplement no. 16.

Completed applications should be submitted in person at the Business Register Agency (APR) or sent by post to the Business Registers Agency, Brankova 25, Belgrade.

2.      Business Registers Agency alert regarding payslips companies have been recently receiving

Regarding frequent calls to company owners, the Business Registers Agency (APR) reiterates its warning to companies and entrepreneurs, especially those just established, that the claim that they would receive payment in the amount of 4,000 or 16,000 dinars for “enrollment in the newly established legal entities register at” does not come from the APR, nor do they have any legal obligation to register.

The APR underlines that the process of registration and publication of data on the website is carried out solely on the basis of a registration application submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Registration Procedure at the Business Registers Agency. Therefore, envelopes with payment slips, which certain business entities and citizens have been receiving in their mail are a commercial offer and they are under no obligation to accept it.

3.      NBS keeps the benchmark interest rate unchanged

The Executive Board of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) decided on 12th September to keep the benchmark interest rate at 2.5%.

4.      Tax Administration announces visits to newly established businesses

Newly established businesses will receive significant government assistance. Namely, representatives of the Tax Administration will visit these businesses in order to familiarize them with their rights and obligations. Tax Administration staff will contact new businesses via phone, explain to them the purpose of the visit and underline that the visit is conducted purely on a voluntary basis.

5.      Tax incentives / benefits

Employers in Serbia, who want to hire new workers, but also persons who are just planning to launch a business, are entitled to significant benefits. For detailed information about these benefits, please click on the link above.

6.      Decree on the amount of minimum wage for the period January – December 2020

7.      Decree on the types of foreign exchange and effective foreign currency that are bought and sold in the foreign exchange market




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