Tax calendar, news and reminders for company owners, entrepreneurs and other taxpayers for August

Here are a few important reminders and pieces of news that company owners, company directors, finance/accounting departments and other taxpayers should be mindful of in August:

1. The Republic of Srpska and Montenegro join the regional Business Registers web portal

The Regional Portal of Business Registers (BIFIDEKS) was joined by the Agency for Mediation, Information and Financial Services of the Republic of Srpska (APIF) and the Central Registry of Business Entities of the Tax Administration of Montenegro (CRPS), by signing the Annex on Accession to the Establishment Agreement and portal management.  By integrating the electronic databases of the national registries in Southeast Europe and combining their economic and financial data, the Portal now provides a range of value-added services and services, facilitating cross-border trade and business, whilst contributing to improving the business climate in the region.

2. The National Bank of Serbia celebrates 135th anniversary

3. Tax Administration Reform: Of the 178 branches, only 37 remain

Since July 1 this year, the Tax Administration has a new organizational scheme with a reduced number of local branches. This is only one of the Tax Administration reforms. The electronic business mode and electronic services will be the foundation of the Administration’s work in the future. In addition to the e-porezi (e-taxes) web portal, the Tax Administration has also established a customer service centre where taxpayers can get answers to any tax-related questions they have.  

4. New Trade Law

5. New Electronic Commerce Law

6. RULE BOOK on the conditions and manner of exercising the right to recognize and release accrued directly linked to research and development in the tax balance by double the amount

7. RULE BOOK on the conditions and manner of exclusion of qualified income from the corporate tax base

8. RULE BOOK on the conditions and manner of exercising the right to a tax credit for investing in the capital of a newly established company engaged in innovation

9. RULE BOOK on exercising the right to tax exemption based on the organization of recreation, sporting events and activities for employees

10. RULE BOOK on the exercise of the right to a tax exemption for an employee’s remuneration on the basis of his own shares acquired without compensation or at a preferential price

11. RULE BOOK on the form and content of the application for registration of VAT taxpayers, the procedure for recording and deletion from the records and on the form and content of the VAT tax return

12. RULE BOOK on the content, method of determining and assigning a unique number for social security purposes

13. THE LAW on approving the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters (The link contains the Convention in the English language)

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