Tatjana Matic: 94% of young people in Serbia have a social media profile

Close to 94 percent of young people in Serbia have profiles on social media – says State Secretary at the Ministry of Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic.

She added that just 23 percent of parents control the time their children spend on the Internet.  

“According to the latest research, Serbia ranks 10th in the world in terms of the development of modern IT and ranks first in the region in terms of child safety on the Internet,” she said at a conference on Internet security.  

She recalled that a national contact centre had been formed two years ago for child safety online and had received more than 7,000 calls since then. Matic said 1,380 cases had been reported to the authorities including 155 criminal cases such as bullying and pedophilia.  

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She also underlined the number of children addicted to video games had increased in Serbia along with behavioural problems. “The state has to create conditions to prevent problems created by digital technologies,” she said.

Adviser to the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Katarina Aleksic said that Internet security can be attained only by training young people how to use social networks in an adequate and safe manner.

“Children and young people need to understand how to live in the digital age. They should not be afraid of what modern information technologies bring, but they need to be careful,” she said.

Aleksic reminded that the obligatory subject “Informatics and Computing” was introduced in elementary schools in Serbia, which, according to her, is attended by 130,000 pupils.

“This subject is very much concerned with digital literacy and digital violence in order to inform young people of all the dangers that they are exposed to online,” Aleksic said.

(Novi Magazin, 05.02.2019)



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