Tara National Park – a must-see Balkan destination according to Forbes magazine

The American magazine Forbes has named the Tara National Park in Serbia one of the five natural attractions in the Balkans that are a must-see.

Forbes writes that when it comes to tourism, the Balkan countries tend to be in the shadow compared to others in Western Europe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a world of spectacular beauty on the Balkan Peninsula too.

“Four hours from Belgrade is an oasis of unspoilt natural beauty, the Tara National Park,” the magazine writes and adds “The eastern outskirts of the park are home to some fascinating historic relics like the 11th-century Rača Monastery, but for those in search of wildlife, there’s a world of opportunity within the heart of the park. The area is covered in massive amounts of pristine pine, fir, and spruce forest, with a wealth of iconic Balkan species all thriving within its borders. Lynx, wolves, and falcons are just a few of the creatures that might be spotted by lucky visitors, and when it comes to Serbian brown bears, there’s no better place for a sighting than Tara National Park.”

In addition to Tara, Forbes also recommends the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Pirin National Park in Bulgaria, the Lake Kerkini National Park in Greece and the Valbona Valley National Park in Albania.

(Politika, 05.12.2021)


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