Tanjug news agency no longer exists

The oldest press agency in the country, Tanjug, has been sold to the Tačno Company, following a government decision, and has been deleted from the relevant registry of the Agency of Business Registers (APR).

The APR registry says that Tanjug, the foreign press news service, the English news service, the video, photo and audio service, as well as the news service, the BIZ service and the Premium service, have all been cancelled.

The deletion of the Tanjug news agency the APR records is somewhat surprising since no one announced it. According to official information, Tačno is owned by the Minakord Company, i.e. by the singer Željko Joksimović, the former director of PRVA TV and best friend of Joksimović’s wife, Manja Grčić, and Pančevo TV, which is almost solely owned by Radoica Milosavljević.

During the privatization process, Milosavljević bought a number of local media outlets in Serbia and, according to CINS, is one of 27 donors who bought premises for the Serbian Progressive Party in Novi Beograd.  The State Property Directorate said that the Tačno Company from Belgrade did not buy Tanjug for 628,000 euro, but acquired the right to use only the property rights of that news agency for a certain period of time.

As reported by the Beta press agency, the Directorate’s announcement, published on November 12, states that the property rights to four trademarks registered with the Intellectual Property Office have been assigned to Tačno. The buyer, as stated in the announcement, is obliged to keep Tanjug’s employees in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law.

The Government of Serbia decided to close Tanjug back in 2015.

(Nova, 09.03.2021)



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