Tanja Fajon: Serbia is in a political crisis

Serbia is in a delicate state ahead of general elections and in a kind of political crisis, Tanja Fajon, the Chairwoman of EU-Serbia Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee, said on Wednesday.

She adds the democracy and media freedom are seriously violated since the TV channels with national frequency don’t treat all political parties equally, which is inadmissible – she said in a statement for Radio Free Europe.

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Addressing the round table discussion on election conditions in Serbia held in Brussels, and attended by Serbia’s opposition leaders, Fajon said fair conditions for the next years’ elections should be created, adding the situation was far from ideal.

“The ruling parties are still not implementing the recommendations for free and fair elections. We see some progress in comparison to the last talks, but I would like that we see the progress in real life, and we still don’t,” Fajon said.

Nevertheless, Fajon called on Serbia’s opposition leaders whom she met in Brussels, Dragan Djilas, Nebojsa Zelenovic and Dejan Nikolic, to think again about their decision to boycott the dialogue with the ruling coalition.    

“Boycott can be a tool, but the Parliament is the place for changes and dialogue,” Fajon said.

The majority of Serbia’s opposition parties have been boycotting parliamentary sessions for over a year due to, as they say, the behaviour of the ruling coalition deputies. They are also planning on boycotting the next spring general elections.

(N1, 11.12.2019)





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