Tadić: “Protests in Serbia are political, it is wrong for politicians to hide behind them”

The leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDS), Boris Tadić, assessed that the protests in Serbia are political, “no matter how unpopular it is to say” and that it is wrong for politicians to hide in these protests.

Tadić told today’s newspaper “Politika” that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is always profiting from the fact that the opposition is hiding from the citizens. “However, in the context of these protests, the opposition must understand what brought together a large number of citizens, but also why that number is decreasing,” he added. According to him, highlighting the news that the citizens are protesting the most because of the fact that the N1 and Nova televisions would get a national frequency “certainly does not contribute to the success of the protest”.

Tadic also said that the SDS has been participating in protests since the beginning, but that he always points out that it is necessary to include the non-parliamentary opposition and relevant individuals in the organization of the protests.

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