Tadic: President of new DS will be a new face and will win election

President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Boris Tadic said that only the big and united Democratic Party has the capacity to oppose the regime of Aleksander Vucic.

Tadic told the Blic daily that, at some point in time, the DS began to change its policy which resulted in it being reduced to a minor party that could not influence the changes.

“The time is running out to change that and I want to contribute to this change by giving my experience of winning over old and new radicals,” Tadic said.

He assessed that several parties unifying under the Democratic Party’s wing makes sense only if the unification means that the party would re-claim the role it once had in the society and on the political stage.

“I hope that this will be possible by the end of this year or the beginning of the next, and only when we finalize the unification we will be able to function as a single entity in every sense,” Tadic added.

He stated that the members of the Union of Democrats, i.e. the Democratic Party, Together for Serbia and the SDP, will be legally and politically separate entities because the decision on unification was only the first step towards the realization of the idea of ​​re-instating the great DS.

Asked who would be the president of the new Democratic Party, he said a new person who would generate new ideas and gain mass support for the party, or win elections.

“The president of the new party will be a person who meets all those criteria, including moral ones, and I would be more than glad to help them,” Tadic, who is the former Serbian President and the former president of the Democratic Party, said.

(Nedeljnik, 23.05.2019)





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