Tadic: Opposition close to an agreement

The opposition parties are close to making a deal ahead of both Belgrade city and general elections, the leader of the Social-democratic Party (SDP) Boris Tadic said today.

The local elections in Belgrade should be organized at the latest next spring. Although, general elections were held in April 2016, the media have been speculating that snap parliamentary elections could take place earlier.

“We are very close to the deal, not only about the Belgrade election, but also on parliamentary one”, Tadic, former Serbian president, told FoNet news agency. He added that the deal would be made between the parties of similar political positions.

At this moment, SDS is talking to the Movement of the Free Citizens, led by Sasa Jankovic, and the Democratic Party (DS), Tadic says and underlines that the negotiations have been progressing well. Jankovic, the former ombudsman, was defeated in presidential elections by Aleksandar Vucic in April. Tadic was the leader of the Democratic Party during his presidency from 2004 to 2012.

“I can see that some parties are also talking with Vuk Jeremic; I do not see the problem, he may join us, but it would be absurd if the movement gather the parties which have quite different strategic orientation than us”, Tadic said.

Jeremic is is the former foreign minister and the former candidate for of the head of the United Nations General Assembly.

(IBNE, 26.07.2017)


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