Tadic calls on the opposition to unite to defeat Vucic’s regime

The president of the SDS party and the former president of Serbia, Boris Tadic, called on all opposition leaders to agree on a common strategy to continue the fight against the regime, proposing a discussion aimed at creating different opposition formations organized with clear criteria.

Part of the opposition agrees with him and believes that reform is needed within the ranks of the party structures.

Presenting the idea, Tadic stated that the initiative is aimed at finding the most effective strategy to defeat the current regime, which takes into account the failures of all strategies and initiatives made after 2012. He also announced that, in addition to a public appeal to all opposition leaders and people who really want to defeat the Vučić regime, there will be an official invitation to a meeting.

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“Victory over this regime is possible and depends only on the strategy and organization of the opposition. It is obvious that all the previous models have failed to deliver and that the opposition’s fight has been reduced to just a fight for a better seat on the Titanic. The signing of the Washington Agreement is just the latest cautionary tale; it is the last moment for the strategic consolidation of the opposition, because the consequences of the amateur management of Serbia by Vučić will be disastrous and long-term, ”said Tadić.

He also underlined that it is necessary not only to organize the opposition in several formations, but also to redefine the criteria according to which these formations will be structured.

“Cooperation of opposition parties should be based not only on ideologically compact formations or coalitions, but also tactically and organizationally, and not on simple unification. Over the past eight years, I have supported all the opposition initiatives aimed at changing this regime. Unfortunately, all of them have led the opposition to major defeats, which is why I have decided to invite all opposition leaders to discuss the proposed strategy, which I believe will lead to a final victory over Vučić’s regime, “said Tadić .

Tadić finally concluded that strategic consolidation of the opposition in Serbia is possible, as recently seen in Montenegro.

(Blic, 10.09.2020)


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