Tabakovic: FDIs will be 2bln EUR

The governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), Jorgovanka Tabakovic says that the total FDI would amount to 2 billion EUR by the year-end, and that the latest EUR / dinar exchange (118.66 dinars for 1 EUR) shows that Serbian dinar has appreciated by 3.9% since the beginning of 2017.

“This is the highest value of the dinar against euro since the beginning of this year. The reason lies in a increased market supply in relation to demand”, Tabakovic said for TV Pink.

However, the biggest reason for the strong dinar is foreign direct investments. Tabakovic said that the FDIs surpassed the NBS’ conservative projections of 1.5 billion EUR which the bank later revised to 1.7 billion EUR.

She adds that both citizens and businesses will benefit from the strong dinar. “We are trying to maintain the stability of planning and doing business in Serbia. The NBS insists on stability, and whoever claims that we are fixing the exchange rate in somebody’s favour should just look back at our results in the last five years”, Tabakovic adds.

“Despite the change in government and several elections, our monetary policy and the Serbian dinar remained stable. Macroeconomic and political stability are the key to foreign investors heightened interest in our country, as well as to investing in our securities”, the governor says.

(Politika, 04.11.2017)                                                                  


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