SzS: “Unconstitutional change of electoral law”

The opposition bloc’s Alliance for Serbia (Savez za Srbiju-SzS) will submit an initiative to the Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the new amendment to the Law on the Election of Deputies.

The president of Pokret za preokret, which is a member of the Alliance, Janko Veselinović, told journalists before the Electoral Commission of the Republic (RIK) that the Serbian parliament was dissolved after the state of emergency was lifted and elections were called, and that the law was passed in an unconstitutional manner.

“The Parliament could have carried on working during the state of emergency as the Constitution allows that but did not. However, once the state of emergency was revoked, the Parliament was dissolved,” Veselinović adds.

Veselinović also said that SzS will address other international institutions, as well as the Venice Commission and that it will do everything in its power to challenge this “unconstitutional and immoral act”.

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“No parliament in the world has ever changed electoral conditions during the electoral process,” he said.

He also said that SZS will boycott the elections for other reasons too, namely “because there no minimum health and safety conditions have been met and because there are no conditions for democratic and free elections. Another reason is that the media censorship has never been so extensive and because the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has abused the pandemic for political purposes.

Veselinović added that no member of SZS will participate in the elections and also invited citizens to boycott them. “Without respect for the Constitution and the law, MPs will participate in an election theft that will occur during false elections,” concluded Veselinović.

After the press conference, almost all SZS leaders went to the Serbian parliament to support the leader of the Dveri, which is also an SZS member, Boško Obradović, who is on hunger strike.

(Nedeljnik, 13.05.2020)

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