Switzerland’s Stadler wants to open a factory in Serbia

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met yesterday with a delegation of the Swiss company, Stadler which expressed interest in implementing new projects in Serbia, as well as in opening a transformer factory in the country.

Vučić spoke at Geozavod’s headquarters with Stadler’s business delegation, led by the owner of the company, with whom the Government of Serbia signed a memorandum of understanding.

The memorandum stipulates significant financial assistance from Stadler to the new Railway Museum and is intended for the museum’s development and promotion.

Stadler, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of railway vehicles, from which Serbia will purchase three high-speed trains, is also interested in opening a transformer factory in Serbia, as well as in long-term strategic cooperation in the sale of trains.

It was previously announced that Stadler would deliver the first high-speed train to Serbia by the end of October, and the second and third by the end of the year. The acquisition of the three high-speed trains is worth EUR 62 million.

(B92, 21.06.2021)


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