Switzerland’s Regent to open a factory in Svilajnac

The Swiss company Regent, which produces electric lighting, will launch production in Svilajnac in April.

Regent has rented a facility spanning 1,000 square metres, where it will start the production. Another factory is being built for this company, which will span close to 6,000 square metres in the first phase and then another 6,000 square metres will be added in the second phase, the municipal administration announced.

The total value of this investment is around EUR 8 million.

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The new investor will employ 130 workers in Svilajnac, and the agreement on the launch of production was signed by the president of the municipality of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanovic, in Basel.

“The decision-making process was long and thorough and we opted for Serbia. We considered several options, including Čačak and some other towns in southern Serbia, but in the end, we received support from the municipality of Svilajnac, and that’s why we decided to build our factory there,” Joerg Steimer, Regent’s Chief Operating Officer, says.

“We are looking forward to developing our new factory in Svilajnac. What we need is the highly qualified workforce and that’s why we’ve decided to get involved with the dual education system, with which we’ve had great experience in Switzerland,” CEO of Regent, Christoph Platzer, added.

(Krstarica, 10.03.2020)




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