Switzerland’s MET Renewables and Serbian NIS to build windfarm near Plandiste

MET Renewables AG and Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) have established a joint venture after MET acquired from the third party a 50% share in a Serbian wind farm project. 

This will be the first wind project for both NIS and MET, and also the first renewable energy investment of Swiss MET Group outside the EU. The 102 MW wind farm will consist of 34 wind turbines and will be built close to the town of Plandiste in Vojvodina.

MET Renewables AG (owned 100% by Switzerland-based MET Group) was officially registered as a shareholder on 19th March 2019. The wind farm in Plandiste will have a joint ownership structure, each company having a 50% stake in a company called NIS–MET Energowind. 

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The 102 MW wind farm will supply power equivalent to the consumption of around 85,000 households. The construction of WF Plandište will start in 2019, and it is expected to become fully operational in 2021.

“I am excited about our cooperation with NIS, and I am confident that our employees will deliver the project. As a European energy company, MET focuses on building a diversified energy portfolio, in which renewables play a key role. This joint venture is also a great stepping stone for MET to build a more significant presence on the Serbian energy market,” MET Group’s CEO, Benjamin Lakatos, has said.

The construction of Wind Farm Plandiste strengthens MET Group’s renewable energy strategy. The company aims to establish a renewable energy production portfolio of several hundreds of megawatts in Central and Eastern Europe, including both solar and wind projects.

“Implementation of large-scale energy projects is one of the key objectives of the NIS Development Strategy by 2025. The completion of these projects, with the Plandiste Wind Farm playing an important role, will contribute to NIS and its partners becoming a major player in the Serbian electricity market. Concurrently, the renewable electricity generation will enable Serbia to fulfil its international obligations in this segment and improve the country’s ecological footprint. We are honoured to implement the project with our partners from MET Group and we strongly believe that this joint project will create new values for our shareholders,” NIS’ CEO, Kirill Tyurdenev, said.

(B92, 21.03.2019)



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