Switzerland provides additional funds for biomass plant in Belgrade

The representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Energy, the City of Belgrade, and the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade have signed an annex to the contract on construction of a heat / power plant in Padinska Skela in Belgrade that will use biomass as fuel.

The contract stipulates that the Swiss government will provide additional funds in the amount of 1.2 million EUR and 500,000 Swiss francs for the plant. According to the Serbian Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic, these additional funds will ensure the construction of the CHP facility which is one of the three project stages. The value of the entire project is over 10 million EUR and the plant is supposed to be finished in 2018.

According to Antic, Serbia undertook to have at least 27% of its entire energy come from renewable energy resources by 2020, and to save up to 8% of energy by 2018.

Speaking about the project, the Energy Minister went on to say that it comprised of three segments – construction of the combined heat and power (CHP) facility, construction of a heating system, and improving the energy efficiency situation in the Padinska Skela elementary school and the Laza Lazarevic Hospital.

The Belgrade government will invest around 1.5 million EUR in construction of the heating system, the Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali said, and added that there several other, quite similar projects were pending. The aim of one of those projects is for Belgrade to have no boiler rooms by 2022, the Mayor said, and added that seven of them had been closed last year.

The Swiss Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Philippe Guex said that his country had been supporting quite a few projects in Serbia, particularly those covering energy efficiency, economic development and education.

(eKapija, 16.01.2017)


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