Swiss textile company Albiro building a logistics centre in Užice

The Swiss textile company Albiro, which has recently acquired the Kadinjača textile factory in Užice, plans to establish a logistics centre in Užice that would cover the entire region, the company’s owner, Benedikt Schweighart, has said.

“The company’s short-term goals are to stabilize the production, to expand our client base and launch new products. Our long-term goal is for our company in Užice to become a logistics centre that would serve the entire region, as well as Austria and Switzerland. This will create new jobs in Užice too” Mr Schweighart added.  

Albiro has facilities in Switzerland and Austria. After acquiring the Kadinjača Company they kept all the existing workers. The company was founded over 190 years ago, as a family business, and produces work and protective clothing.

The deputy mayor of Užice, Dragoljub Stojadinović, said that the town was ready to give Albiro their full support in their operations and development.

In addition to members of the City Council, Ivan Stanisavljević and Slobodan Kuzmanović, the meeting with Mr Schweighart was attended by the director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Užice, Ana Lapčević.

(eKapija, 25.02.2021)



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