Swiss government approves of 350,000 euros assistance to civil society organization and socially inovative projects in Serbia

Within the scope of Swiss PRO program the sum of 350,000 Euros has been approved by the Swiss government as aid to 26 civil society organizations (CSO) to enable their carrying out socially innovative projects in 48 cities and municipalities, and for funding technical assistance to local self-governing entities in carrying out projects through partnership with the civil sector in 16 towns and municipalities.

Funds amounting to between 10,000 and 14,000 Euros per a project have been allocated for “new ideas in accordance to specific needs of the relevant community, that is, for innovative projects designated for vulnerable groups.

Eleven projects, as cited further in the announcement, will be devoted to empowering vulnerable groups through education and training, while eight will be concentrated on enhancement of public service rendering assistance to vulnerable groups – eight will focus on social protection, four will cover improvement in availability of health service assistance, and three project will be dedicated to educational issues.

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“We are very satisfied with the process of evaluation and quality of the projects. This is a continuation of our work within the scope of a very successful program ‘European PROGRESS’ and we will continue in future to support local communities in accordance to their pertinent needs but will also cooperate with the relevant government bodies and ministries in supporting projects which improve employment of young population”, said Director of the Swiss Office for Cooperation in Serbia Ms. Ursula Laubli.

It has also been approved of technical assistance to 16 local self-governing communities so that they can develop and further improve processes and procedures of identifying public interest and financing of local projects carried out by CSOs while the next phase will include assisting towns and municipalities in carrying out project through partnership with CSOs.

“This is a continuation of successful cooperation between governments of Serbia and Switzerland. Through this program we will advocate policy of enhancing both Serbian government and local communities in exercising genuine control over the processes we are carrying out, so that aims and priorities be deemed as sustainable on long term basis” – said Manager of the Sweiss PRO Mr. Grem Tindal.

Tender calls for innovative projects and technical support were held from June 20 to 3 August, 2018 and 85 organizations and 16 local self-governing communities applied.

The Management Board of Swiss PRO consists of representatives of the Swiss Office for Cooperation (SCO), Serbian Ministry of the State Administration and local self-government (MDULS) and Ministry for Labour, Employment, Veterans organizations and Social issues (MPZBSP).

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