Swiss company Batagon offers 7.35mln EUR for FAS

Swiss company Batagon has offered 7.35 million euros for the purchase of the Battery Factory Sombor (FAS), the SOinfo web portal reports.

Predrag Ljubovic, the bankruptcy administrator of FAS, says Batagon International AG has confirmed that it would submit a new offer for the purchase of the factory.

– The new amount is to closer to 7.35 million euros and, judging by their tone, this is definitely going to be their last offer. I think that FAS should be sold in order to finally start working – Ljubovic said, stating that this time around, Batagon gave the FAS Board of Creditors a deadline by which they should accept or reject the offer.

Considering that a mandatory bank guarantee expired in the middle of October, it remains unclear whether this is a binding offer.

– If the Board accepts the offer, the buyer will give a guarantee or pay a deposit – says the bankruptcy administrator.

Ljubovic also said that none of the other companies that bought the bidding documentation contacted FAS, or showed interest in getting involved in the process of acquiring ownership of the factory.

(Gde Investirati, 14.11.2017)


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