Sweden’s Rimaster to make one of the biggest investments in Serbia

The Swedish company for the production of cable kits for heavy construction machinery Rimaster is coming to Paracin (Central Serbia) and this is the biggest investment success of this city in the last decade.

The contract for renting the facility in the industrial area was initialled on December 16, 2018 by mayor Saša Paunović and director of Rimaster, Thomas Stalnert.

According to the business plan, the company will employ up to 1,000 people after moving to Industrial Park.

“If Rimaster’s plans become a reality, this company will become the largest employer in Paracin and one of the largest in the Pomoravlje area. According to data from the State Statistical Office, Paracin was already in the first place in terms of number of employees in relation to the total population, even before the major privatizations”.

The Swedish company already operates in a rented facility and currently employs about one hundred workers.

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“We had planned to hire sixty workers, but we already have a hundred or so and we can’t wait to improve the working conditions by moving to a much better facility. We will have a very good base for our business and our plan is to stay in Serbia for a long time. Rimaster was looking for a country that was ideal for our kind of business and we decided for Serbia and subsequently Paracin. Our experience says that it is better to find a smaller town to invest in so that we can nurture a family-like spirit among our workers,” says Stalnert.

Rimaster rents a space spanning 3,000 square meters. The new premises will be completed by the end of March, i.e. before the deadline set in the lease, and production will be moved to the new facility after that.

The construction of the factory, located in the industrial area, is financed by the municipality with over 250 million dinars, and the Grading Company will carry out the work.

(Danas, 27.01.2020)


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