Suspicious activities of Lotex Group, a company close to Deputy Belgrade Mayor

“The company Lotex Group has increased its revenues 412 times in 3 years, from 34,000 to 14 million euros,” says Mila Popović from the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), who sees the explanation for this dizzying success in the close ties between the collaborators of Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic and the company’s owner.

“Imagine a company that increases its revenues 412 times in three years. It was founded in 2017, had just one employee and an income of 34,000 euros, and in 2020, the company grew to 65 employees and an income of 14 million euros. We are talking about Lotex Group, which has been so successful in such a short period of time thanks to deals worth 75 million euros it concluded with the Belgrade government and public enterprises. If we add to that those the projects it was given by the Serbian government, we arrive at the figure of 100 million euros,” said Mila Popović at a press conference.

According to her, the company was founded by Jelena Popović, and then in a very short period of time, the ownership was transferred to her husband Vladimir Popović, who is the brother of Tanja Popović, a member of the Belgrade City Council, a close associate of Goran Vesić and an official of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

“Not only has Lotex Group generated millions in a short time but has also increased its fleet of vehicles, so in addition to trucks and other cars they presumably need for work, the company’s assets also include two Porsches, as well as a BMW 7,” concluded Mila Popović.

(Nova, 02.02.2022)



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