Survey:”BRICS more popular in Serbia than EU”

The results of a recent survey conducted by NSPM (Nova Srpska Politička Misao) show that people in Serbia are progressively distancing themselves from the West, instead showing an increased interest in strengthening ties with BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

The study reveals that even though about 41% of respondents have a positive view of European integration, only a mere 21% fully endorse it. In stark contrast, 25% are firmly against EU membership.

The findings become even more intriguing as the survey shows that a significant 38.3% of Serbs openly support BRICS, a figure twice as large as the number of Euro-optimists. This shift in public opinion indicates a degree of dissatisfaction with Western proposals and the pressure applied by Brussels and Washington.

When asked “Do you think that the position of Serbia and the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija is stronger or weaker today than before this government came to power?”, 50.4 percent of the surveyed citizens believe that the position of Serbia under the current government is weaker today, 14.2 percent believe that is “stronger”, 10.2 percent believe that the position is “the same”, while 25.2 percent have no opinion.

On the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 41.4 percent of respondents have no opinion, while 36.6 percent do not support either side. 11 percent of surveyed citizens support Israel, while the same percentage of respondents support the Palestinian side.

(Politika, 23.10.2023)

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