Survey: Young people in Serbia think that happiness does not lie in material wealth

Approximately 84% of today’s adolescents do not consider money a measure of success and value more good reputation and dignity, while 93% are satisfied with their appearance and do not want any aesthetic corrections.

These are just some of the results of a 2000-2013 generation survey conducted jointly by Direct Media United Solutions and IPSOS Strategic Marketing. The conclusions of the youth study were presented at a panel discussion at Dorcol Platz in Belgrade.

“We were curious to know, first of all, how the Z or the ‘Like’ generation, how we called them after we got to know them better, was different from the previous ones and if it was ready to face all that the future brings. We know from experience that generations inherit the values and beliefs of previous generations, but they also have their specificities as demonstrated by this research,” said Ljubica Vukcevic, Director of Research & Insight at Direct Media United Solutions.

The survey found that 77% of members of this generation would not choose a life partner based on material status. More than 90% of them disagree that love fails where there are poverty and disillusionment. They also believe that people of different material status can be sincere friends and that the poor are not automatically more miserable than the rich.

“Of course, we can’t generalize on an entire generation, but we could, and this has been our greatest ambition, eliminate some prejudices and stereotypes about current adolescents, which we are all often inclined to accept and share easily,” said Dejan Radosavljevic, director of research at IPSOS Strategic Marketing.

Another interesting fact of the survey is that 61% of respondents agree with the idea of reintroducing compulsory military service and that more than two-thirds of the young people interviewed said they were willing to respond to the possible call to arms. When it comes to the physical aspect, although satisfied with their appearance, the young people of the “Like” generation do not have a single idea when it comes to assessing the importance of physical appearance in the life of an individual.

As many as 48% say that their idols are members of their families, while one in three does not have an idol or a role model.

Of the historical figures, most of them mention Nikola Tesla as their reference model, but the list also includes King Dušan and Prince Lazar, while contemporaries include Novak Djokovic, Ronaldo, Baka Prase, Elon Musk, Milos Bikovic, Svetlana Raznatovic Ceca and Ariana Grande.

“A big difference between this generation of young people and their predecessors is that they are now content creators. They participate in a creative sector and therefore ideas multiply, which, in the end, can be positive for society,” said a Faculty of Philosophy professor, Aleksandar Baucal, recalling that some estimates in the future say that a person will change 14 professions during their life and that some of today’s most sought after professions are jobs that did not exist until 10 years ago.

Professor Baucal also said that the fact that today’s teenagers “do not commit themselves to one thing” could be a good preparation for the life they will lead in the coming decades.

Galeb Nikacevic, editor-in-chief of NOIZZ, said that the key difference between generations is the way they consume culture.

“Today, when everything is available, there is a lack of time, commitment and participation in the consumption of culture. This has led to a radical change in the value system. Previously, music groups were the voice of generations, while today young people have their own mobile phones and therefore their own voice and personal gratification,” said Nikacevic, noting that social networks have become a social capital where teenagers develop certain characteristics to function in the online world.

The research was conducted in three stages in 2019 on a national representative sample of 1,200 respondents.

(B92, 16.10.2019)


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