Survey: “We are an aggressive and violent society”

A third of people in Serbia (33%) say that violence is present in our society, but neither more nor less than in other countries, while 26 percent believe that there is too much of it. A fifth of citizens has no opinion on the matter.

These are the results of a public opinion survey conducted by the Faktor Plus Agency in December.

Almost half – 48 percent – of the survey participants are not surprised by the “explosion” of violence in schools that we have been seeing in recent months. They believe that the educational neglect of young people, then the general social fascination with bullies and too much violence in the media and online are the main factors for the growing violence among the youngest population.

The survey participants mostly agree that violence among young people can be solved most effectively with a strict criminal policy and discipline. 25% of the respondents suggest high fines as the best solution, 20% see exclusion from school as the best solution, while 17% of the respondents are in favour of the perpetrators of violence being criminally prosecuted.

The survey results also show that people in Serbia also clearly perceive and observe violence against women. As much as 37% of respondents say that violence against women is very present and pronounced, while a third of them believe that it has grown and is more dangerous than it actually appears on the surface.

The respondents said that the causes of violence against women are as follows: first of all, a very mild penal policy, then the fact that we live in a traditional society, with a very pronounced patriarchal model, and, in general, that we are still an aggressive society. The survey respondents also agree that misunderstandings or conflicts of different opinions often culminate in aggression.

When asked what are the reasons for such violence, the survey participants cite the lack of state authority and mild penal policy, families and educational institutions neglecting his problem and the insufficient affirmation of values that condemn violence.

(Blic, 06.01.2023)

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