Survey: The state of human rights in Serbia

As many as 86 percent of people in Serbia believe that workers’ rights in Serbia are not adequately protected and that the position of men and women in the labour market is not equal.

 This perception is further supported by the official data collated by the Ombudsman’s office, which shows that the largest number of initiated court proceedings concern labour, economic and property rights. Almost two-thirds of citizens believe that their monthly income does provide them with a dignified life, which is also confirmed by official statistics on average earnings, inflation and the average consumer basket, according to the research of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights titled “Rate Your Rights”, which was published on the International Human Rights Day (10th December).

The survey was conducted on 10,000 respondents. The results show that more than 80 percent of survey participants believe that the state does not provide adequate health care and that there is no quality and fair education system in Serbia.

As many as two-thirds of citizens believe that women and men are not equal in society, and these differences are confirmed by the available data regarding employment and the labour market from 2021. They show that 37 percent of men are unemployed compared to 53 percent of women, as well as that women use maternity leave more.

As many as 91 percent of survey respondents believe that the state’s reaction in cases of domestic violence is ineffective, as this year alone, 25 women died as a result of domestic violence. While 69 percent of citizens believe that LGBT people should have the same rights as all other citizens of Serbia, only 47 percent of them believe that Serbia should adopt a law on same-sex unions that would legally regulate a whole range of rights for the LGBT population in Serbia.

More than 70 percent of citizens believe that their personal data is not adequately protected online, and over 80 percent of them believe that hate speech is frequent in the public sphere.

(Politika, 10.12.2022)

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