Survey: SNS would get 55% votes

If the parliamentary election were to be held today, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would win 55% of the votes, while the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG) recorded the biggest jump in support in the past few months, following actor Sergej Trifunovic becoming the Movement’s president. According to the survey, PSG would get 8% of the votes.

These are the results of the latest survey conducted by Ipsos Marketing Marketing. According to these results, the support for the Progressives ranges from 53 to 57% of the electorate.

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) takes the second place with 12.7%, followed by Alliance for Serbia with 10%. It seems like a number of the Alliance of Serbia voters switched allegiance, and would now vote for PSG.

The survey shows that PSG recorded a surge in votes after Trifunovic took over as the Movement’s president, but still that’s not a guarantee that the Movement would pass the threshold line and that it will manage to maintain that kind of voter support.

The survey results also show that the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) would get 4.5% of the votes.

(Vecernje Novosti, 13.03.2019)




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