Survey: SNS’ rating drops

The Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia Must Not Stop electoral list enjoys the support of 39.2 percent of voters, while 25.8 percent of voters would opt for the Serbia against Violence electoral list, according to the November survey of the New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM).

According to the survey, 8.1 percent would vote for the Socialist Party of Serbia and 8.4 percent of the survey participants would definitely vote for an opposition party, but they don’t know which one.

Dveri and Zavetnici together would win 5.1 percent of votes, the Nada coalition consisting of the New Democratic Party of Serbia and POKS 4.4. The People’s Party would get 3.2 percent of the vote and thus cross the electoral threshold.

According to the current survey, the coalition of SDS and Dosta je Bilo enjoys the support of 2.5 percent of voters.

The survey has also shown that 38.8 percent of respondents support Serbia’s entry into the EU, while 63.4 percent of those surveyed support stronger ties with Russia, China and the BRICS countries.

(Vreme, 15.11.2023)

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