Survey: Serbs fear loss of jobs the most

People in Serbia are mostly concerned with losing their jobs, while 40% of them believes that they are now in a better financial situation than 5 years ago – the survey conducted by the Nielsen agency shows.

The Nielsen poll also showed that more than half of people in Serbia are spending more money on food than they did five years ago while 40% feels that they are financially better off than they were five years ago. 46% says they are spending more on paying their bills than ever before.  

According to the poll, health comes second to job security, followed by the fear of war, economic and political instability, and balancing personal and work life.

Just 2% of the polled people said they had no money problems. A high percentage of the people who were surveyed said they did not have money to spare and if they did, they would spend it on electronics, which take precedence over clothing, footwear, meat or seafood, cosmetics and dairy products.  

About 25% of the survey participants feel comfortable spending money. Two-thirds of Serbians spend money on basic needs with a few per cent of them saying that their monetary situation has improved but not enough to spend money on things other than the basic needs.  

According to Nielsen’s survey, the Consumer Confidence Index rose in 2018 from 69 to 78, recording the highest value ever in Serbia.

(N1, 03.04.2019)


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