Survey: How much money is needed for a normal life?

About 45 percent of people in Serbia are currently dissatisfied with their monthly income and lifestyle, less than 30 percent say they are satisfied, while a quarter think it is not bad, although it could be better.

This is what the results of a survey involving more than 2,303 people showed. When asked how much income they need per month to lead what they consider “an ideal life,” most of them, or more than 41 percent, answered 5,000 euros. About 37% said 2,000 euros, while nearly 15 percent, on the other hand, believe they need 10,000 euros per month, and 2 percent would need as much as 100,000 euros.

“If you have a family of four and you don’t have to worry about bills, you need a minimum of 3,000 euros,” was the response of one survey respondent. “I don’t remember when I bought myself anything nice. I spend my money mostly on food and wood for heating during winter. I don’t even think about vacations. I pay for food, bills and things my children need,” another respondent said.

When asked what they lack right now, most people said “money to lead a normal life”, to have some money left over when they pay food and bills which they can spend on travelling, as well as on housing problems, buying a car, or clothes.

(N1, 19.06.2022)


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