Survey: How do regional nations feel about each other?

As many as two thirds (68 percent) of Albanians have the most negative opinion about Serbs, compared to all other nations in the Balkan region.

At the same time, one-third of Serbs (33 percent) holds the same opinion about Albanians – a Faktor Plus survey has shown.

The survey titled “The relationship between the Serb and the Albanian nations, perspectives of that relationship, friction points, possibilities and fields of cooperation” – was commissioned by the Tanjug news agency, and included 1,000 respondents in Serbia (excluding Kosovo and Metohija), and another 1,000 in Albania. 

In terms of negative opinion about regional nations, Albanians are second on the Serbian list. Serbs, on the other hand, have the most negative opinion about Croats (45 percent). 

As for Albanians, Montenegrins take the second place in terms of the negative opinion (13 percent). 

When it comes to positive opinions about the nations in the region, Serbs like Greeks the most (43 percent), followed by Montenegrins and Macedonians (20 and 18 percent, respectively), while most Albanians chose Italians (44 percent), followed by Greeks and Montenegrins (22 and 16 percent, respectively). 

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These are just some of the results of the comparative public opinion poll, the first of its kind, which will be presented on Wednesday, 26th September, at a press conference at the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade, and the results will be commented by the political analyst and Deputy Director of the Institute for International Studies in Tirana, Ben Andoni, and professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade and Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Foreign Policy, Dragan Djukanović.

The poll is part of a broader project – “Serbs and Albanians – Which Way Forward?” that the Serbian news agency Tanjug is implementing with the Albanian news agency ATA, with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

(Blic, 24.09.2018)

Photo credits: O. Bunic / RAS Srbija

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