Survey: Government and international factors to blame for inflation

The government of Serbia and international factors are to blame for the high inflation in Serbia, according to the majority of people (40.1 percent), who participated in a survey conducted by Nova Ekonomija.

32.1 percent said that only the Serbian government is to blame for inflation, while 26.2 percent of those surveyed answered that “the war in Ukraine and other international circumstances over which we have no influence” are to blame for inflation.

When asked whether the National Bank of Serbia can reduce inflation, the majority, 71.6 percent, said „yes“. The rest think that the NBS is powerless in reducing inflation.

Nova Ekonomija also asked the survey participants whether they think that the allocation of financial aid from the budget, such as the announced 5,000 dinars of financial aid for young people, affects inflation.

A little more than half of the respondents, 56.2 percent, think that it does affect inflation, and the rest think that it does not.

More than half (54.6 percent) think that all people in Serbia should receive help from the state, while 45.4 percent of the survey participants think that only the most vulnerable population groups should receive financial help.

(Nova Ekonomija, 30.11.2022)

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